Huatan beautifies walls of jasmine pavilion


Huatan Farmer’s Association has recently painted the two-story high walls of the Jasmine Huatan Pavilion of Dreams with vibrant colors, creating a rustic courtyard image. The colorful patterns make people feel like they are in Europe and the exotic atmosphere makes it a popular spot for tourists.


The Jasmine Huatan Pavilion of Dreams is an 70-year-old abandoned barn-turned exhibition hall established by Huatan Farmer’s Association in 2013. As the only jasmine-themed pavilion in Taiwan that features the floral industry, the venue is named the “Jasmine Huatan Pavilion of Dreams.”


The venue is free to the public. Visitors can follow the three mascots Limo, Molly, and Julie created by Huatan Farmer’s Association to explore the fun and interesting world of jasmine.


Director-general Ku Pi-chi (顧碧琪) of Huatan Farmer’s Association, the major force behind the establishment of the venue, noted that the plain walls have been transformed into a backdrop for photography that highlights the beauty and creativity of the pavilion. By painting the walls with patterns that resemble European street scenes, she hopes to increase repeat visitors and bring more surprises to them.