Jasmine Huatan Pavilion of Dreams hits a record of 1 million tourists


The number of tourists to the Changhua-based Jasmine Huatan Pavilion of Dreams reached a record high of 1 million in January.


Huatan Farmer’s Association will expand the celebration as the record coincides with the 100th anniversary of the establishment of association.


Known as the “Hometown of Jasmine,” Huatan Township had 180 hectares of jasmine fields at its prime. While the plantation has reduced to 30 hectares today, Huatan remains the largest producer of jasmine in Taiwan.



Huatan Farmer’s Association renovated a 75-year-old barn made from cypress wood four and a half years ago and transformed it into the Jasmine Huatan Pavilion of Dreams. The grand opening attracted thousands of visitors, who were introduced the jasmine cultivation industry through interactive games, jasmine-themed kitchen, shops and tea tasting. Over the past years, the pavilion has expanded its facilities, spanning a vanilla garden, painted walls, and entry installations. It also holds music concerts, family DIY workshops, and flower-picking activities.


The Jasmine Huatan Pavilion of Dreams has attracted roughly 200,000 visitors every year since it opened to the public, said director-general Ku Pi-chi (顧碧琪) of Huatan Farmer’s Association. The venue marked one million visitors this year, which coincided with the 100th anniversary of the association.


The association promotes pesticide-free jasmine and develops masks, soaps, wines and various tea products with cultural and creative designs, creating business opportunities with various high-quality jasmine products, Ku explained.


The association will celebrate its 100th anniversary in July. It is hoped that the Jasmine Huatan Pavilion of Dreams could combine other industries and connect nearby scenic spots to offer an in-depth tours and turn Huatan into an amazing tourist destination in the future, added Ku.


圖說: Guides of Huatan Farmer’s Association explain the jasmine industry to children.