Product Name: Premium Jasmine Oolong 150g

Description: With the creed of cultivating pesticide-free jasmine, Huatan Township’s roads and paths are filled with fragrance of jasmine flowers. The blossoming white flowers are as stunning as the shining treasures in the field. Incorporating the national treasure of blue-and-white porcelain with jasmine prints, “Jasmine Treasuring Tea” presents the delicate and elegant aura of jasmine.


Ingredients: Oolong tea, pesticide-free jasmine

Weight: 150g

Product of Origin: Taiwan

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place

Brewing Instructions: Leaving the tea for 50 seconds for the first and second steeping. 10-20 seconds for the third steeping and adjust the strength according to personal taste.


Product Name: Premium Jasmine Jin Xuan (150g)

Ingredients: Jin Xuan tea, pesticide-free jasmine