Product Name: Blooming Splendor – Four Season Jasmine

Description: The “Jasmine Huatan: Blooming Splendor Collection,” based on the concept of kiln, is a precious pesticide-free jasmine tea product due to its difficult cultivation process and limited production. This product perfectly blends the jasmine tea with the sweet aftertaste of tea tasting through creative and unique design.



Ingredients: Four season spring tea, pesticide-free jasmine

Weight: 8 Packets per Box (8g per packet)

Product of Origin: Taiwan

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place


Brewing Instructions: Place a tea bag in a cup or mug. Bring 250-300cc water to boiling temperature of 90-95°C and pour over your tea bag. 50 seconds for the first and second steeping. Add 10-20 seconds after the third steeping and adjust the tea strength according to personal taste. Brewing the tea in high brewing temperature will produce aromatic flavor; lower brewing temperature will bring sweet and delicate taste.