Product Name: Jasmine Huatan Gift Box  Set (Six options to choose from)

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Description: (Jasmine Plums) The naturally dried jasmine flowers are fermented together with Taiwanese green plums to combine the nutrients of jasmine and sour plums. As production of pesticide-free jasmine is scarce, this jasmine plums are previous product of plums!

Jasmine Plum Enzyme Drink


The Jasmine Plum Enzyme Drink is a perfect combination of nutrients of jasmine and sour plums making from naturally dried jasmine flowers that are fermented together with Taiwanese green plums.


Homemade biscuits

This homemade biscuits are made from selected natural and top quality ingredients to provide you with a delicious and guilty-free taste of happiness.



Jasmine Plums: Plums, rock sugar, malt, dried jasmine flowers, salt.


Jasmine Plum Enzyme Drink: Jasmine and plum enzyme liquid, dried jasmine flowers.


Homemade biscuits:

(Crystal Chocolate): Jasmine flowers, butter, powdered sugar, flour, cocoa powder, chocolate, almond.

(Chocolate Nut): Jasmine flower, fine powdered sugar, egg white, butter, chocolate, cocoa powder, soda power, macadamia nut, pine nut, cashew, coconut powder.


(Jasmine Rosemary Cranberry): Butter, sugar, egg, vanilla extract, salt, dried jasmine flowers, rosemary, cranberries, flour, soda powder.

(Brown Sugar Oat): Jasmine flowers, butter, brown sugar, egg, flour, soda powder, oat flakes, crushed walnuts.


(Jasmine Coconut): Jasmine flowers, butter, powdered sugar, milk, cream, flour, coconut powder.



Jasmine Plum: 450g

Jasmine Plum Enzyme Drink: 230ml

Homemade Biscuit: 130g


Product of Origin: Taiwan

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. This product does not contain preservatives, please finish it as soon as possible after opening.


Expiry Date:

Jasmine Plum: 2 ears

Jasmine Plum Enzyme Drink: 2 ears

Homemade Biscuit: 2 months