Product Name: Jasmine Gelato (Jasmine Honey Yogurt, Jasmine Oolong, Jasmin Jin Xuan, Jasmine Watermelon, Jasmine Four Season)

This product is available in packs of 8 and 20.


This product is made from jasmine tea selected by Huatan Farmer’s Association with fresh milk, without adding any artificial flavors. The delicate, dense and soft ice cream is sweet and refreshing. The fragrance of jasmine tea is sent from the tongue to the nose, giving you a feast of taste buds filled with floral fragrance and happiness!

Ingredients: Fresh milk, base powder (cane sugar, glucose, coconut oil, dry glucose syrup), emulsifier (guanghua bean gum, locust bean gum), tea leaf, jasmine, glucose syrup

Volume: 105ml/unit

Product of Origin: Taiwan

Storage: Keep frozen below 20℃

Expiry Date: 2 years unopened



Remark: Gelato is delivered in a freezer. We’re sorry for the inconvenience as we cannot combine with room temperature delivery items for free shipping. Please state the flavor in the remark column when you place the order.